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For everyone
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MOR kombucha

for everyone


Hand-crafted in Denver, Co


Ready to Enjoy

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Featured Flavors



Invigorating and light
Mojito gets its attitude from freshly crushed mint and organic limes. These refreshing ingredients are muddled together to create the perfect combination of flavor.

Even better when paired with:
Rum & friends


Spicy Citrus

Bright yet warming
Ginger is a key identifier in this full flavored and spicy beverage. This is made memorable with a burst of citrus and a dose of brain powering ginkgo.

Even better when paired with:
Bourbon & a good book



Salted Cucumber

Fresh and complex
The combination of cucumber and lemon make this flavor feel like a spa day treat. Notes of salt give character and make it complex and unforgettable.

Even better when paired with:
Gin & a cool glass by the pool


HAZY Cactus

Full-bodied and smooth
Prickly pear and aloe will challenge everything thought about traditional kombucha flavors. This full-mouth feel is intriguing and satisfying, all at once.

Even better when paired with:
Tequila & a slow afternoon


About MOR Kombucha


The Story behind MOR

BORN OUT OF A Passion for craft and unique flavors

It all started with a craftsman, a home kitchen, and a desire to bring people together over food and drink.

A savvy engineer with a knack for building things by hand, Rob sought to craft something new. He wanted to challenge the thinking behind traditional kombucha, while preserving the art form of the classic fermented tea and its benefits. But Rob wanted to elevate kombucha even MOR.

THE MOR method

Fresh ingredients + time = FLAVOR TO FEEL GREAT ABOUT

We meticulously craft each of our beverages to be full-bodied, flavor-forward experiences to be savored by anyone, anytime.

We strive to source juices, teas, and all ingredients from the most sustainable and healthful sources. Quality is key and we take pride in making sure we do things right. Our fermentation method ensures that flavors are bright with less of that common vinegary-taste. We brew our teas by hand, add fresh juices and let time handle the rest.

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